Generator Maintenance

Why GENERATOR maintenance? Performance enhancement, longevity & maximum lifespan with routine maintenance our certified technicians can keep the pulse of your standby generator therefore resulting in its best performance. Visual & diagnostic inspections can help...

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Being prepared for events beyond your control ( POWER OUTAGES ). What are your concerns when the power goes out and you're in the dark, grab a flash light, stress out about the length of time you'll be in the dark. Is my portable generator READY, do I have any extra...

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Nashville Power Outage Protection 24/7 with a Standby Generator

Nashville Power without Interruption with Generac Power outages often happen after a powerful storm or hurricane and according to the Department of Health and Human Services, food starts to go bad after only four hours power (Power Outages: Key Tips for Consumers...

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Middle Tennessee Generac Generators – Keeping the Power On!

In 2003 my wife was transferred from Middle Tennessee to St. Pete Beach Florida and as exciting as this move was, we were concerned about Florida's extremely unpredictable hurricane season. When we chose our new house, the first thing we did was shop for a new Generac...

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Top Ten Middle Tennessee Areas Most Prone to Power Outages

Middle Tennessee is ranked in the top 10 of areas most susceptible to power outages and brownouts. While most brownouts are unintentional, there are certain times when an electricity provider cuts output on purpose. Either way, they can be very damaging to electronics...

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Our New Location – Franklin, TN

CURRENT ELECTRICAL & GENERATOR SERVICES is proud to announce the opening of our Franklin, Tn location @ 216 Seaboard Ln. Suite C, Franklin, Tn. 37067 & proud to announce our Area Sales Manager-Middle Tennessee, J. Scot Franklin, whom has serviced this market in sales...

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